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MUSIC NEWS Stephen Pearcy New Solo Album, ‘Smash’  https://youtu.be/O2eKHP3V0pE
ByJesse CappsPublished on January 13, 2017 

Ratt frontman Stephen Pearcy’s fourth original solo album, Smash, will be released January 27 via Frontiers Music Srl. We recently caught up with Pearcy to talk about the new record and all things Ratt N’ Roll. During our conversation we also did a track-by-track rundown of the new songs, which you can read below. 

“It took long enough to finish the new record and it is well worth the patience taken, giving every song as much attention as the next,” comments Pearcy. “Erik Ferentinos (lead guitars, co-writer), Greg D’ Angelo (drums), Matt Thorne (bass, keyboards) and myself didn’t settle on any first, second or third takes. We let some songs grow if needed, then go back and complete it. We’re very happy with the outcome, that we were able to experiment and grow with the new songs.” 

Pearcy paid particular detail to the lyrics on Smash and is doing something of a rarity for this release: “There will be a lyric sheet. It’s only the second time in my entire career and the last time that I’ll do it,” he adds. “The record really needs a lyric sheet because of the subject matter. People might be surprised that I have other thoughts besides the three P’s.” (Ed. note – Just in case you’re not familiar, the three Ps are: pussy, party, and paycheck. Not necessarily in that order.)

Pearcy points out, “Explaining these songs doesn’t really give you meaning – everybody has to make their own assessment of what I say. These songs could be about you or someone you know. They could be your answer or they could be your question. That’s how I want these songs to present themselves. Look at all the songs and put the puzzle together. It will all make sense.” 
From the album SMASH.               Get your copy NOW: http://radi.al/Smash     




RATT vocalist Solo artist STEPHEN PEARCY, IT'S A "SMASH" 2017 


RATT vocalist STEPHEN PEARCY,  founding member of the mega multi platinum rock band, has completed work on his highly anticipated new 4th solo album. “I am very happy with the new music and the diversity of the songs and the final product. Erik, Matt, Greg and myself put a lot of blood into the record, It's taken some time".
"I'm sure all the fans will be excited too.
"SMASH" releases worldwide JAN. 27th, 2017. 
The good news is that the first taste of new music has been already made available!  
Check out “I Can’t Take It” now: https://youtu.be/vIVXAAn7Bss 
On Frontiers Music SRL 2017.
The teaser single "I Can't Take It" was mixed and mastered by none other than the legendary Beau Hill, the producer of RATT's first four multi platinum albums. Stephen and Frontiers Records have released another couple teaser songs from the new release, "Want Too Much, "Jamie" and "Rain" to a great response. Radio has picked up on the singles and have added to their play lists.

"SMASH" was produced by Pearcy and Matt Thorne for TFR, engineered, recorded and mixed mastered by Thorne. Also co produced by the bands lead guitarist and co writer Erik Ferentinos at MT Studio's - Burbank, CA.
Pearcy will be supporting "SMASH" with live dates in the U.S. and internationally. 
With over (12) million records, gold and platinum videos sold in the U.S. alone with RATT, and many other awards and  touring the world (33) years and with over (20) albums to his credit with other ventures, solo projects, compilations, best of records with other bands he created, there is no slowing Pearcy down.  
He's like a top fuel dragster roaring over 300 MPH!

“SMASH” is planned for release on Frontiers Music Srl Jan. 27th, 2017.
Follow Stephen Pearcy online: 
twitter.com @StephenEPearcy


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