Stephen Pearcy continues to record new music Solo2020-2021

RATT Stephen Pearcy putting together his sixth solo record for 2021.

Pearcy is sharing some of the songs he's demoing for fans to listen to. Pearcy say's; "Most of these (15 plus) songs will never see the light of day, so it's cool to share a few of them during the making and recording of what in the end is your next record. See what people think. Believe it or not some demos come out better then the full studio recordings. So many ways to record, and put songs out there. And this one song." 

The song "All That I Want" just had that emotional feel and just seemed the sign of the times, I just had to share. It might never make a solo record."

Pearcy looking to 2021 to release his sixth solo record.

"Only fitting at this time to keep active, positive and creative, so I write music." Stephen Pearcy March 30, 2020.


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