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NEWZ 2018

STEPHEN PEARCY NEW interview 2018  

New Stephen Pearcy interview to be posted soon. Information on the new solo record and title, the new songs and of course solo dates and RATT 2018 news.

RATT Attack 2018 

RATT Attack 2018! Dates to be posted soon! 

RATT will announce summer dates and possible tours in the works.

There has been talk of a new Ratt record, and or new singles to be released. Pearcy will release his fifth solo record May-June 2018 with Frontiers Records.



Stephen Pearcy New Solo record 2018! 


 STEPHEN PEARCY is ready to hit the studio to start recording his 5th solo release on Frontiers Music Feb. 2018.

Erik Ferentinos (long time lead guitarist in Pearcy's solo band and co writer) are finishing up preproduction on (12) new tracks. Recording will take place again at MT Studios, Burbank, CA. Matt Thorn and Pearcy will produce the new album, with Erik Ferentinos co producing. Release date tba. 

RATT Stephen Pearcy new career retrospective compilation "Before & Laughter" III ready to be released 2018! 

RATT STEPHEN PEARCY to release a new career retrospective compilation,
"Before & Laughter" III

Been a long, long time putting this compilation together and now ready for release from Top Fuel Records 2018.
STEPHEN PEARCY has been going thru years and years of music from his (30) plus year career for sometime to put together a compilation of all compilations. Mickey Ratt archive songs, ARCADE,  studio & live on the Bon Jovi tour 1993, Vicious Delite, Vertex, early RATT songs before the original members and record contracts, solo works and other projects. Never before heard versions of songs live and studio recordings.

"The more I listen thru, the more great songs I'm finding with all these different  versions of songs and musicians I've recorded with over the years". 
The new compilation "Before & Laughter" III (1977-2018) will be released on Top Fuel Records thru iTunes and a CD will be produced.
Pearcy; "I have literally hundreds of cassettes, CD, 1 inch, 2 in, 4-8 track, DAT to 24 track recordings, you name we've gone thru them all". 
Release date TBA

NEW Stephen Pearcy solo record 2018 

Ratt founder lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy will release his 5th solo record with Frontiers Music early 2018.

Pearcy say's; "This time around is another piece of the puzzle. Smash was Smash, as other solo records are different, this new music is heavy, deep, and you could say a song or two should be a Ratt song. That's just the way it is. I'm doing a song with an artist that I'm excited to work with. She will guest on a song or two for the new record, way outside, heavy and will surprise, a great singer, writer, visionary".

"I just do what I do, and if the outcome is to my/our satisfaction, we hope others can relate".

Recording begins Jan 2018 at MT Studios with co writer Erik Ferentinos (lead guitars), Matt Thorn (Bass), Frankie Wilsey (Guitar) and a few guests on drums.

The the yet untitled record is due May on Frontiers Music 2018. 

 There will be solo shows 2018 for the new record, and yes, RATT is again back for the attack 2018.

More news as we get it!